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Internship Program

Internship Learning Program

The Bronx Guild is committed to capturing the energy and interest of young people through apprenticeship in the adult world.  Internships are a valuable component of education at the Bronx Guild.  They provide students with an opportunity to learn-by-doing, develop relevant skills, explore interests, and traverse the city. 

Our student interns can be found all areas of NYC, in a variety of industries.  Each semester, they complete a rigorous inquiry-based research project and give a public presentation detailing their experiences and learning.  Their experiences prepare them for the rigors of college as well as the workforce.

What happens when students join the Guild?

  • They join a community that values their individuality, interests, and talents.
  • They experience school as something relevant to the “real world.”
  • They discover what they want to do with their lives.
  • They experience opportunities for success in ways that traditional school might not provide.
  • They earn elective credits by spending two days a week interning with mentors around New York City.
  • They make positive contributions to their communities.


Volunteer mentors are essential to our students’ success.  In return, our students make important contributions to their mentor’s work.  To learn more about partnering with the Bronx Guild, contact:            

Amanda Martin-Morris, Internship Director