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9th Grade Program

9th Grade Program

Students in the 9th grade will engage in a variety of courses and experiences to better prepare them for high school and college.

In addition to the club courses, students explore New York City every week on Thursday exploration trips. These trips at the Bronx Guild offer an experience where students explore unique destinations throughout New York City. Exploration increases students’ awareness of their city’s diverse neighborhoods and offerings, which provides essential preparation for internships beginning in 10th grade that take place all over New York City. Attendance on Tuesdays and Thursdays is vital so that students benefit from these unique learning experiences, as well as obtain necessary credits for graduation.


Additionally, students are expected to complete a Learning through Research project to prepare for Internship Learning (IL) projects in 10th grade. Each term, students will engage deeply with a current, real-world issue. Students are required to complete the necessary project components, as well as present their project at their Presentation of Learning at the conclusion of the semester.