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Athletics » The Bronx Guild Cheer/Dance Team a.k.a BGDT

The Bronx Guild Cheer/Dance Team a.k.a BGDT

Dance is the hidden language of the soul”

Martha Graham


All Bronx Guild Cheer/Dance Team members must show dedication and pride in all team activities and accept the following requirements.  They must be prompt, willing to devote time and energy to the team, and abide by all regulations in this constitution.

The purpose of this team is to give students the opportunity to promote school spirit, encourage school and team involvement, be supportive to other sport programs, encourage high standards, and develop or increase skills in dance, cheer, responsibility, leadership, and self-discipline.  This team is going to combine jazz, cheer and hip hop dance techniques along with popular music to inspire school spirit and fitness throughout The Bronx Guild High School.  Additionally, the team is about building relationships and having fun.  The team also has the opportunity to dance in the NYC Dance Parade, a nationally recognized parade, attended by 10,000 people and groups from all around the world.   

Any member not maintaining a 2.0 GPA or not passing 3 out of 4 classes will be placed on academic probation.   

All members are required to attend ALL scheduled practices and performances unless they have a legitimate excuse (as to ensure all choreography is learned). Legitimate excuses include:  physical injury, school scheduled (affects grade) event, illness, death in the family, or serious family business.   

Dance Team Members must remember they represent their school and the community Therefore, members must maintain a HIGH standard of performance, behavior, appearance and sportsmanship which will reflect favorably upon themselves, their team, and their school.  Members who receive DETENTION or SUSPENSION or FOUND BULLYING SHALL CONSTITUTE SUFFICIENT CAUSE FOR DISCIPLINE/SUSPENSION for 1 practice and/or performance.  Any student with outstanding RJs will result in dismissal from the team.  


  • Sneakers or Jazz Shoes
  • Shorts or Sweatpants (No jeans)
  • No large necklaces or large bracelets (as to prevent injury)
  • The team will decide the uniform and hair/makeup wear together at a later date.



Each person will be designated a crew, which will require some form of addition to the team.  All crews are important.

For more information, contact Gabby, 11th grade ELA teacher and crew leader.